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What Is The Power Consumption Of Refrigerators?

Refrigerators are a crucial part of our daily life that we can’t imagine our life without it, as we all know that it keeps our fruits, vegetables, and other useful items fresh. Right? But when it comes to Power Consumption Of Refrigerators, we pay a little bit of attention to it.

We must know the power consumption of our Refrigerators so that we can save electricity. Otherwise, it will prove costly. The power consumption of refrigerators depends on various things, so that we will discuss them one by one. Let’s get started.

Before investing in any Refrigerators, we must know about the power consumption of refrigerators because we all want quality things at least price along with some benefits.

Most refrigerators consume between 100 to 250 watts, and if we talk about 24 hours, it consumes between 1 to 2 kilowatt-hours (kWh).

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Factors Affecting Power Consumption of Refrigerators 

  1. Size of refrigerators- Refrigerators with big size consumes more power than small-sized refrigerators.
  2. Season or weather conditions- Yes, according to the season, refrigerators consume power. During the summer, it consumes more power than the winter season because the temperature is higher during the winter.
  3. Condition of refrigerators- If your refrigerator kept in poor condition and it is an older model, then it will consume more power as compared to well maintained and latest refrigerators because they have more energy, and they are highly rated star refrigerators.
  4. Location of refrigerators- If you keep your refrigerator in warm places, it will consume more power. Always try to keep them in a cool area.
  5. Usage of refrigerators- Yes, usage of refrigerators also matters how frequently you open the door of refrigerators. It also has an impact on the consumption of power. The compressor needs to work hard, and if you keep your refrigerator empty, then even the compressor needs to work hard. If your locker is well ventilated, then it’s okay because the compressor doesn’t need to put in more effort.

BEE Star Ratings

What is BEE Star Ratings?

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and it was introduced in the year 2006 to know about how efficient an electronic product/appliance is? How much does it cost saving?

Star mark given on any appliance helps to know about the Product if it is purchasable or not? It gives up to 5-stars.

For example, You visited a shop for purchasing a refrigerator. You see that BEE star is marking on different types of models for different kinds of brands having different star ratings.

There you saw some of them have 4-stars, and some of them have 5-stars, which means a different model with different brands has various features, functions, and efficiency, and the one with the highest ability gives 5-star.

The Product having more stars may be costly, but it will save your money in the future also. However, BEE star ratings are available for only frost-free refrigerators. Let’s understand with an example.

Energy & Cost Savings for 250 Liters Frost Free Refrigerators with Different Star Ratings

Star RatingEnergy Consumption (Kwh)Per Unit Charge (Rs)Electricity Cost/YearTotal Saving YrWrtNo Star RatedRefrigerator Cost AppCost DifferencePayback Period (year)
No Star11004440001400000

Source- Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)

  • App cost of 220 Liter Non-Star Refrigerator is Rs.15000/- whereas the price of 5 Star rated Refrigerator is Rs.23000/-
  • Annual power consumption of 5 Star, 220 Liter Refrigerator is 720 Units whereas ordinary refrigerator annually consumes power about 1800 units in a year
  • The yearly cost of electricity consumption of Non-Star 220 Liter Refrigerator is very high (Rs 7200/-) in comparison to Rs.2880/- for 5 Star 220 Liter Refrigerator
  • Annually money savings of Rs 4500/- by using 5 Star rated 220 Liter Refrigerator
  • Payback period of 5 Star rated refrigerator is app 2-3 years.

Energy Saving Tips for Refrigerator

  • Do not store hot food immediately- Let the hot food cool first, then put it in the fridge.
  • Do not overfill your refrigerator- Excessive loading of the refrigerator, create trouble in the circulation of cold air inside, and we should always keep the items in the refrigerator in an organized manner.
  • Set the refrigerator temperature as per need- Refrigerator set to lower than needed will increase your energy consumption by 20 to 25 %.
  • Activate energy savings mode- Modern refrigerators come with an energy-saving mode, which helps in switching off anti-sweat heaters.
  • Clean it regularly- By cleaning up the condenser coil, you can reduce energy consumption by approximately 5%.
  • To get extra savings to go for a star labeled refrigerator- Old inefficient refrigerators consume as much as 40% more energy than a five star rated refrigerator.
  • The shape of refrigerators- The form of the refrigerator does not directly affect its efficiency; it does have a considerable amount of importance in saving energy. But refrigerators with top and bottom configuration are considered more energy-efficient than those with a side by side feature.
  • Don’t open refrigerator doors unnecessarily- Frequently opening the refrigerator door will increase energy consumption by 7%.
  • Turn off the ice maker- We need more ice during the summer season, and at that time, we can’t imagine a single day without ice. Right? But it is also true that ice makers consume a lot of electricity as compared to regular refrigerators.


In today’s life, refrigerators are an essential part of our lives, and they are born for us during the summer season. During that season, only it consumes a lot of power. We should always keep the refrigerators clean and well maintained.

It lasts for a more extended period, and you should always purchase refrigerators with BEE label mark because one with 5-stars is more efficient than 4-stars mark labeled on BEE. 

The BEE label mark helps you to compare which one is better. Right? A well BEE rated refrigerator can easily last up to 10 years with regular maintenance without burning a hole in your pocket.

We have mentioned above about the primary power consumption, factors affecting the power consumption of refrigerators, and energy savings tips for you, which will help you know about everything about refrigerators so that you can save power and money in your pocket without investing more it.